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Ciwem environmental photographer of the year 2018 winners – in pictures

The Iranian photographer Saeed Mohammadzadeh has been named Ciwem’s environmental photographer of the year. End Floating, his haunting image of a beached boat on the solidified salty remains of Urmia Lake, illustrates how climate change, water mismanagement and drought have decimated the landscape. Continue reading... »
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Build walls on seafloor to stop glaciers melting, scientists say

Barriers could halt slide of undersea glaciers and hold back sea level rises predicted to result from global warming. Building walls on the seafloor may become the next frontier of climate science, as engineers seek novel ways to hold back the sea level rises predicted to result from global warming. »
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Why are California wildfires so bad? An interactive look

With 2018 shaping up to be the most destructive year yet, how did the state get to this point? Continue reading... »
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'It's hyped up': climate change skeptics in the path of Hurricane Florence

Scientists say global warming is behind severe storms but many who face them don’t think humans are the problem. Scientists warn that human-induced climate change is responsible for an increase in the number and severity of storms – such as Hurricane Florence, which has engulfed the Carolinas in the last week. »
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Tech giants fail to distance themselves from fight against new EU climate targets

Leaked document shows BusinessEurope group would oppose more ambitious goals. Companies including Facebook, Google and Microsoft have failed to distance themselves from a lobby group’s proposal to fight any effort by the EU to set more ambitious climate change goals. »
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What climate change means for the wine industry

The warmer weather may benefit English vineyards, but winemakers from Bordeaux to California are struggling. Here are six wines rising to the challenge. One of the ways the British media covers climate change is to treat it as a bit of banter in silly-season items on English wine. »
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Drought-stricken farmers challenge Coalition's climate change stance in TV ad

‘We need to stick to the Paris agreement, we need to stop burning coal and we need to commit to more renewable energy,’ Longreach farmer says. “This drought has really hit our family hard,” says Longreach farmer Jody Brown. “Climate change is making the droughts more severe.”. »
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Former IPCC chief Rajendra Pachauri to stand trial on sexual harassment charges

Delhi court decides there is enough evidence to charge Pachauri with harassing a female colleague. The former chairman of a United Nations climate change panel has been ordered stand trial on charges of sexual abuse and harassment of a female colleague. »
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'Warning of what has already arrived': Florence is a climate change triple threat | Michael Mann

If we don’t act on climate change, the destruction potential of slow-moving storms such as Harvey and Florence will only get worse. Just a year ago we were dealing with an historically devastating Atlantic hurricane season. »
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California to launch its 'own damn satellite' to track greenhouse gases

Announcement at climate summit comes after former US secretary of state John Kerry warns that international action is slowing. California is set to launch a satellite to track greenhouse gases, as former US Secretary of State John Kerry and island nation leaders warned that the world is far off course to avoid the worst effects of rising temperatures. Gov. »
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Climate change means Hurricane Florence will dump 50% more rain

Scientific study finds diameter of storm heading for US east coast will be 50 miles wider due to human-caused warming of planet. Hurricane Florence is set to bring 50% more rainfall to the US east coast due to human-induced climate change, according to a landmark forecast that has outlined the influence of warming temperatures upon the looming storm. »
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'Monster' storm: Hurricane Florence is a rare threat in an unusual location

Storms of Florence’s scope, with winds of upwards of 130mph, are rare so far north in the US – and its origins are unusual, too. Hurricane Florence tracker: where is the storm heading? »
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US activists launch climate change initiatives in absence of federal leadership

US states, cities and businesses forge ahead with strategies to cut carbon emissions to 24% below 2005 levels by 2025 despite Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris accord. America’s governors, mayors and CEOs are forging ahead with climate change initiatives despite the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and commitment to reviving the coal industry. »
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EU climate law could cause 'catastrophic' deforestation

World’s carbon sinks are at risk because the law will count energy from burning trees as carbon neutral, say climate scientists. Senior climate scientists say that the world’s carbon sinks could be facing a grave threat from a wholly unexpected source: the EU’s renewable energy directive. »
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North Carolina didn't like science on sea levels … so passed a law against it

In 2012, the state whose low-lying coast lies in the path of Hurricane Florence reacted to a prediction of catastrophically rising seas by banning policies based on such forecasts. When North Carolina got bad news about what its coast could look like thanks to climate change, it chose to ignore it. Related: Hurricane Florence: over 1m ordered to evacuate in Virginia and Carolinas. »
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Urgent greenhouse gas removal plan could see UK hit 'net zero' target – report

Tree-planting, restoring wetlands and use of chemicals to remove CO2 from air needed, as well as cutting new emissions, say scientists. Tree-planting, restoring wetlands and using chemicals to take carbon dioxide from the air will all be needed to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gases in line with government plans, scientists have said. »
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Climate change driving up malnutrition rates in Pacific, UN warns

Climate-sensitive region the only in the world where rate of undernourishment has risen over the past 12 years. Climate change is making people hungry – with nearly 100 million people across the world needing humanitarian food aid because of climate shocks last year – and a growing number of people are malnourished across the Pacific, a new United Nations report says. »
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Climate poll shows Morrison politically vulnerable as more voters back action

Number of Australians concerned about impact of climate change and wanting coal phased out rises. A growing number of Australians are concerned about the impact of climate change, and more than half of a survey of 1,756 voters believe the Morrison government needs to stay in the Paris agreement, despite Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the US. »
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Jerry Brown: Trump's 'gross ignorance' main obstacle in climate change fight

California governor is taking the lead in confronting planet’s ‘existential challenge’ and signs bill for carbon-free power by 2045. Jerry Brown, California’s governor, has accused Donald Trump of “gross ignorance” over climate change as he made his most sweeping actions yet to rid the world’s fifth largest economy of fossil fuels. »
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Fossil fuel dependence poses 'direct existential threat', warns UN chief

A rapid global shift to clean energy is needed to prevent runaway climate change, says António Guterres. United Nations secretary general António Guterres has warned that the world is facing “a direct existential threat” and must rapidly shift from dependence on fossil fuels by 2020 to prevent “runaway climate change”. »
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