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Advancing multilateralism goes ‘hand-in-hand’ with work of the UN

Revitalizing the United Nations to “strengthen a multilateral rule-based world order” tops a list of priorities the General Assembly President told UN Member States on Tuesday. »
16 January 2019, 06:20 - UN - Search similar - Email

Immediate fossil fuel phaseout could arrest climate change – study

Scientists say it may still technically be possible to limit warming to 1.5C if drastic action is taken now. Climate change could be kept in check if a phaseout of all fossil fuel infrastructure were to begin immediately, according to research. It shows that meeting the internationally agreed aspiration of keeping global warming to less than 1.5C above pre-industrial levels is still possible. »
15 January 2019, 19:10 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Antarctica losing six times more ice mass annually now than 40 years ago

Antarctica experienced a sixfold increase in yearly ice mass loss between 1979 and 2017, according to a new study. Glaciologists additionally found that the accelerated melting caused global sea levels to rise more than half an inch during that time. »
15 January 2019, 00:00 - sciencedaily - Search similar - Email

This week in climate news (13 January 2019)

The most popular articles from the past week. »
13 January 2019, 18:00 - climatiq - Search similar - Email

Oceans Are Warming Faster Than Predicted

Earth’s seas are absorbing excess heat 40 percent faster than previous estimates -- Read more on »
11 January 2019, 22:00 - scientificamerican - Search similar - Email

New policy design needed to tackle global environmental threat

A pioneering new report has devised a seven-point plan to help policymakers devise new, coherent and collaborative strategies to tackle the greatest global environmental threats. »
11 January 2019, 22:00 - sciencedaily - Search similar - Email

Social and environmental costs of hydropower are underestimated, study shows

Study shows that deforestation, loss of biodiversity and economic damage done to communities living near dams have not been factored into the cost of these projects. Large dams also ignore the effects of climate change. »
11 January 2019, 03:30 - sciencedaily - Search similar - Email

Oceans are warming even faster than previously thought

Heat trapped by greenhouse gases is raising ocean temperatures faster than previously thought, concludes an analysis of four recent ocean heating observations. The results provide further evidence that earlier claims of a slowdown or 'hiatus' in global warming over the past 15 years were unfounded. »
10 January 2019, 21:20 - sciencedaily - Search similar - Email

Greenland's residents grapple with global warming

Nestled between icy peaks and lapped in frozen ocean waters, the tiny town of Tasiilaq in southeastern Greenland is home to some 2,000 people. »
10 January 2019, 15:40 - reuters - Search similar - Email

Leafcutter ants emit as much N2O as wastewater treatment tanks

Tropical forests are one of the largest natural sources of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide (N2O), and a tiny insect may play a big role in how those emissions are spread out across the landscape. »
10 January 2019, 09:00 - sciencedaily - Search similar - Email

Chevron, Occidental invest in CO2 removal technology

Canada-based Carbon Engineering said on Wednesday it had received investment from a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corp. and the venture capital arm of Chevron Corp. for its technology that removes carbon dioxide directly from the air. »
9 January 2019, 14:20 - reuters - Search similar - Email

Peta Credlin's preselection could be the spark that blows up the Liberal party | Oliver Yates

Credlin has put short term political interests, and the interests of the coal industry, before the future of our country What better example is there that the Liberal party must split than the proposed nomination of Peta Credlin for the seat of Mallee. »
9 January 2019, 08:00 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Future of planet-cooling tech: Study creates roadmap for geoengineering research

A new study sets out to establish a roadmap for responsible exploration of geoengineering. »
9 January 2019, 02:10 - sciencedaily - Search similar - Email

U.S. carbon emissions spike in 2018 on industry, fuel demand

U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, spiked last year after falling for the previous three, as cold weather spurred natural gas demand for heating and as the economy pushed planes and trucks to guzzle fuel, an estimate released on Tuesday showed. »
8 January 2019, 22:30 - reuters - Search similar - Email

Carbon emissions up as Trump agenda rolls back climate change work

Last year’s 3.4% jump in emissions is the largest since 2010 recession and second largest gain in more than two decades. A new analysis shows US greenhouse gas levels are increasing as the Trump administration unravels efforts to slow climate change. Carbon emissions rose sharply last year, increasing 3.4%, according to new estimates from the economic firm Rhodium Group. »
8 January 2019, 13:00 - guardian - Search similar - Email

A century and half of reconstructed ocean warming offers clues for the future

Due to a scarcity of data, most global estimates of ocean warming start only in the 1950s. However, a team of scientists has now succeeded in reconstructing ocean temperature change from 1871 to 2017. »
8 January 2019, 07:40 - sciencedaily - Search similar - Email

Global warming of oceans equivalent to an atomic bomb per second

Seas absorb 90% of climate change’s energy as new research reveals vast heating over past 150 years. Global warming has heated the oceans by the equivalent of one atomic bomb explosion per second for the past 150 years, according to analysis of new research. »
7 January 2019, 21:10 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Last year was fourth warmest, greenhouse gases up - EU's Copernicus

Last year was the fourth warmest on record, extending a scorching streak driven by a build-up of man-made greenhouse gases, the European Union's Copernicus Climate Change Service said on Monday. »
7 January 2019, 18:00 - reuters - Search similar - Email

The end of coffee: could Australia save the world's beans?

Climate change may devastate the globe’s major coffee-growing regions through extreme weather events – but Australia could be the solution. If a future of relentless fires, droughts, superstorms and rising sea levels makes you feel like you need a strong caffeinated beverage, there is some bad news: climate change is coming for the world’s coffee beans. »
7 January 2019, 02:10 - guardian - Search similar - Email

This week in climate news (6 January 2019)

The most popular articles from the past week. »
6 January 2019, 18:00 - climatiq - Search similar - Email
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