People at climatiq

Tracy Ewen, Veruska Muccione, Thierry Corti.

Thierry Corti

Thierry holds a diploma in environmental sciences and a PhD in atmospheric science from ETH Zurich. He has a strong background in climate impact assessment and the development of climate services. He is enthusiastic about transforming scientific knowledge into innovative solutions.

Tracy Ewen

Tracy completed her masters in applied mathematics and PhD in climate modeling in Canada and has worked as a climate scientist in Canada, Germany, Switzerland and South Africa. She is passionate about communicating science through digital means using web-apps and data visualization.

Veruska Muccione

After completing a PhD in physics, Veruska focused on applying her scientific background to climate solutions. She has worked on climate change adaptation and mitigation both in the industry and non profit sector. She is a strong advocate of linking climate science with the adaptation community and distilling scientific findings into interesting stories.