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For Crop Harvests, Every Degree of Warming Counts

The world can expect three to seven percent less yield for each degree rise in temperature -- Read more on »
16 Aug, 20:10 - scientificamerican -  - 

Swiss, EU move closer to linking emissions trading systems

Switzerland and the European Union have moved closer to linking their carbon emissions trading systems (ETS) after the European Commission and Swiss government gave their backing for a deal. »
16 Aug, 17:20 - reuters -  - 

Great cliate science communication from Yale Climate Connections | John Abraham

Stellar work by group led by Anthony Leiserowitz on putting climate change research into public domain is empowering citizens and institutions. This is an unabashed endorsement of an important group. I have no affiliation with them or conflict of interest. They are great, period. »
14 Aug, 13:30 - guardian -  - 

This week in climate news (13 August 2017)

The most popular articles from the past week. »
13 Aug, 18:03 - climatiq -  - 

Stories making the Swiss Sunday papers

Interviews with Swiss former prosecutor Carla Del Ponte about Syrian President Bachar al-Assad, Swiss President Doris Leuthard on the impact of climate change and a study on Germans living in Switzerland make up some of the headlines in Sunday’s newspapers.  In an interview in Le Matin Dimanche and SonntagsZeitung, Carla Del Ponte, the former Swiss Attorney General and ex-prosecutor for the... »
13 Aug, 14:20 - swissinfo -  - 

The BBC should stop giving unwarranted airtime to Nigel Lawson

The broadcaster had tough questions for Al Gore and then gave space to false claims of a prominent climate sceptic. This is a recipe for spreading misinformation. »
12 Aug, 21:10 - newscientist -  - 

Al Gore: The return of climate science’s preacher man

Climate denialism seems to loom large, but after 10 years delivering his message globally, Al Gore believes we’re on the road to salvation. »
11 Aug, 20:30 - newscientist -  - 

Al Gore: Trump has failed to knock Paris climate deal off course

Former US vice president says the US will meet its climate commitments in spite of Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the global agreement. Donald Trump has failed to knock the Paris climate agreement off course despite his efforts to derail it, according to the former US vice president Al Gore. »
11 Aug, 15:50 - guardian -  - 

New CBA case a warning: Step up on climate change, or we’ll see you in court | John Hewson

Despite the scale and urgency of the climate crisis and popular support for action, governments and financiers are failing to act. This will have to change. »
11 Aug, 09:30 - guardian -  - 

Court Scuttles Rule Cutting Potent Greenhouse Gas

The decision makes efforts to cut hydrofluorocarbons more difficult both in the U.S. and globally -- Read more on »
10 Aug, 22:20 - scientificamerican -  - 

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