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Megacity traffic soot contributes to global warming

Soot from road traffic in emerging countries can reach high altitudes, where it can be transported over long distances and thus contributes to global warming. »
14 Dec, 03:20 - sciencedaily -  - 

France's EDF faces delay in Brazil dam over clearing trees

A consortium led by Electricité de France SA is ready to fill the reservoir of a hydroelectric dam built in Brazil's soy belt, but could be delayed by a year over removal of trees from the area to be flooded, the company and state officials said. »
13 Dec, 22:40 - reuters -  - 

UK bids to host 2020 UN climate change summit

Chile and Costa Rica thought to be considering alternative bids after Brazil withdrew offer. Britain is bidding to host the UN climate change conference in 2020, the biggest since the Paris agreement was signed in 2015, as part of the government’s aim to be seen as a green leader. »
13 Dec, 22:40 - guardian -  - 

China demands developed countries 'pay their debts' on climate change

Key sticking point at UN negotiations is how countries should account for their greenhouse gas emissions. China called on rich countries to “pay their debts” on climate change at global talks on Thursday, criticising developed countries for not doing enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide finance to help poor countries do the same. »
13 Dec, 22:40 - guardian -  - 

People Living on Mountains Face Avalanche of Climate Risks

As higher elevations warm, melting glaciers and disappearing snow will create major challenges -- Read more on »
13 Dec, 21:10 - scientificamerican -  - 

Governments, researchers underestimate impact of inefficient land-use on climate change

Policymakers and researchers have underestimated the effect that changes in land management and people's diets would have on limiting greenhouse gas emissions and countering the effects of climate change, according to a new study. »
13 Dec, 21:10 - sciencedaily -  - 

Organic food worse for the climate

Organically farmed food has a bigger climate impact than conventionally farmed food, due to the greater areas of land required. »
13 Dec, 21:10 - sciencedaily -  - 

More Americans view climate change as 'imminent' threat: Reuters/Ipsos Poll

A growing percentage of Americans see climate change as an “imminent” threat driven mainly by human activity, and more than two-thirds want Washington to work with other nations to combat it, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Thursday. »
13 Dec, 16:20 - reuters -  - 

Maldives tells U.N. climate talks: 'We are not prepared to die'

The Maldives will do all in its power to keep "our heads above water", the head of its delegation at U.N. climate talks said on Thursday in an impassioned appeal for nations to overcome their divisions over how to tackle global warming. »
13 Dec, 16:20 - reuters -  - 

'Global heating' more accurate to describe risks to planet, says key scientist

Rising temperatures have passed comfort zone for humanity, says lead expert. “Global heating” is a more accurate term than “global warming” to describe the changes currently taking place to the world’s climate, according to a key scientist at the UK Met Office. »
13 Dec, 13:10 - guardian -  - 

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