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Parts of United States are heating faster than globe as a whole | John Abraham

A new study shows the Northeast USA will reach the dangerous 2°C warming threshold faster than most of the rest of the planet Global warming obviously refers to temperature increases across the entire globe. We know the Earth is warming, we know it is human-caused, we have a pretty good idea about how much the warming will be in the future and what some of the consequences are. »
17 Jan, 12:30 - guardian -  - 

Trump warming to reality of climate change, says senior Chinese official

Beijing’s chief climate negotiator, Xie Zhenhua, talks down fears that joint leadership shown by China and the US will be reversed under new president. China’s chief climate negotiator has attempted to calm fears that Donald Trump’s arrival in the White House will spell disaster for the fight against climate change. »
17 Jan, 06:10 - guardian -  - 

How airlines can fly around new carbon rules

Aircraft are gradually becoming more fuel efficient, but that’s not happening fast enough to keep up with the boom in flying. The world’s airline industry adds to climate change. »
16 Jan, 23:50 - guardian -  - 

'Pragmatic' Trump might be persuaded on climate action: UK scientists

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Donald Trump's administration, heavy with fossil fuel industry backers, could cause major damage to efforts to deal with climate change through measures such as cutting access to satellite data for weather forecasting and climate research, scientists warned Monday. »
16 Jan, 22:10 - reuters -  - 

We need a Ladybird book of climate change deniers | Patrick Barkham

Prince Charles has been signed up by the publishers to write an expert’s book. But maybe readers nowadays prefer spoofs My twins are “studying” Jack and the Beanstalk, and I’ve just packed them off to school with my battered copy of Ladybird’s Well-Loved Tales. »
16 Jan, 20:40 - guardian -  - 

New studies show Rex Tillerson is wrong about climate risks | Dana Nuccitelli

The remaining climate change uncertainties point toward higher risks and greater urgency for action President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State – and until recently the CEO of ExxonMobil – Rex Tillerson was given a confirmation hearing by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week. »
16 Jan, 14:20 - guardian -  - 

Koalas are at the centre of a perfect storm. The species is slipping away | Kevin Evans

Australia is one of the worst performing countries in terms of protecting its ecoregions. Koalas are a litmus test for conservation of a habitat in crisis In 2016 koalas were sighted for the first time in decades at Mount Kembla, Wollongong and in Kosciuszko national park in New South Wales. »
16 Jan, 01:40 - guardian -  - 

Leading scientists urge May to pressure Trump over climate change

Scientists worry that Trump, who has called climate change a ‘hoax’, will not commit the US to the Paris agreement. Leading scientists have asked the prime minister to urge president-elect Donald Trump to acknowledge the risks of climate change and declare his support for international efforts to combat global warming. »
16 Jan, 01:40 - guardian -  - 

Prince Charles pens Ladybird book on climate change

Prince teams up with campaigners Tony Juniper and Emily Shuckburgh to create peer-reviewed ‘basic guide’ for adults. Prince Charles, a vocal critic of climate change sceptics, has penned a Ladybird book on the subject after lamenting with experts the lack of a basic guide to the subject. »
15 Jan, 19:20 - guardian -  - 

This week in climate news (15 January 2017)

The most popular articles from the past week. »
15 Jan, 18:00 - climatiq -  - 

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