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Oil majors win dismissal of New York City climate lawsuit

A U.S. judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit by New York City seeking to hold major oil companies liable for climate change caused by carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels. »
20 Jul, 00:30 - reuters -  - 

From cradle to grave: Factors that shaped evolution

This study brings us closer to knowing the complex interactions between topography and climate change, and how these factors influence the evolutionary histories and biodiversity of species in natural ecosystems. »
19 Jul, 22:40 - sciencedaily -  - 

Expected sea-level rise following Antarctic ice shelves' collapse

Scientists have shown how much sea level would rise if Larsen C and George VI, Antarctic ice shelves at risk of collapse, were to break up. While Larsen C has received much attention due to the break-away of a trillion-ton iceberg from it last summer, its collapse would contribute only a few millimeters to sea-level rise. »
19 Jul, 16:31 - sciencedaily -  - 

Cities as study proxies for climate change

Cities can serve as useful proxies to study and predict the effects of climate change, according to a research review that tracks urbanization's effects on plant and insect species. »
19 Jul, 04:10 - sciencedaily -  - 

Scientists lack vital knowledge on rapid Arctic climate change

Arctic climate change research relies on field measurements and samples that are too scarce, and patchy at best, according to a comprehensive review study. The researchers looked at thousands of scientific studies, and found that around 30% of cited studies were clustered around only two research stations in the vast Arctic region. »
18 Jul, 22:00 - sciencedaily -  - 

High Level Political Forum of the United Nations

Speech by Federal Councillor, Doris Leuthard, for the General Debate in the context of the High Level Political Forum of the United Nations in New York, 16 July 2018. »
17 Jul, 17:40 - -  - 

Thawing permafrost microbiomes fuel climate change

A new study could lead to more accurate predictions or the rate of global warming from greenhouse gas emissions produced by thawing permafrost in the next 100 years. The study of the microorganisms involved in permafrost carbon degradation links changing microbial communities and biogeochemistry to the rise of greenhouse gas emissions. »
17 Jul, 02:50 - sciencedaily -  - 

Protecting tropical forest carbon stocks may not prevent large-scale species loss

As the world seeks to curb human-induced climate change, will protecting the carbon of tropical forests also ensure the survival of their species? A study suggests the answer to this question is far from straightforward. Forests with the greatest carbon content do not necessarily house the most species, meaning carbon-focused conservation can miss large swathes of tropical forest biodiversity. »
17 Jul, 02:50 - sciencedaily -  - 

That Self-Styled "Very Stable Genius" Is a Danger to Stability

Pres. Trump threatens the equilibrium not just of the international order, but of the planet we all depend on -- Read more on »
16 Jul, 20:40 - scientificamerican -  - 

Flipping the switch: Making use of carbon price dollars for health and education

A switch from subsidizing fossil fuel to pricing CO2-emissions would not only help to meet global climate targets but also create additional domestic public revenues. These revenues could finance expenses towards sustainable development, improving health-care, education and infrastructure for energy, transportation or clean water. »
16 Jul, 20:40 - sciencedaily -  - 

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