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US energy shakeup continues as solar capacity set to triple

Solar expected to almost triple in less than three years by 2017 as coal continues to fall, solidifying gas as country’s chief electricity source, reports Climate Central. »
21 Oct, 13:20 - guardian -  - 

Put ‘people, not cars’ first in transport systems, says UN Environment chief

Lack of investment in safe walking and cycling infrastructure not only contributes to the deaths of millions of people in traffic accidents on unsafe roads and poorly designed roadways, but also overlooks a great opportunity to boost the fight against climate change, a new UN Environment report said today. »
20 Oct, 21:20 - UN -  - 

Governments agree U.N. study of tough climate limit, despite doubts

Governments gave the green light on Thursday for a U.N. scientific study on how to meet an ambitious global warming target, despite growing worries by some scientists that the goal may be unrealistic. »
20 Oct, 19:50 - reuters -  - 

Small farmers can overcome climate change and feed the world – Zimbabwe farmer

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Like many small-scale farmers, Elizabeth Mpofu from drought-hit Zimbabwe has had to adapt her homestead to cope with a changing climate, which the United Nations says threatens to push millions globally into poverty and hunger. »
20 Oct, 16:40 - reuters -  - 

Scientists find 500 U.S. seabed vents of powerful greenhouse gas

Scientists have found 500 seabed vents bubbling methane into the Pacific Ocean off the United States, roughly doubling the number of known U.S. seeps of the powerful greenhouse gas, a study showed on Wednesday. »
20 Oct, 00:50 - reuters -  - 

$5.4 Billion Melanesian ocean economy in peril

A new WWF report values Melanesia’s marine ecosystems at half a trillion dollars. But radical action is needed to maintain them. That Melanesian Pacific island economies are heavily reliant on the ocean is hardly a surprise. »
19 Oct, 23:20 - guardian -  - 

Reforesting Kilimanjaro could ease East Africa's severe water shortages – UN

There is a need to reforest Africa’s highest mountain to help protect vital water supplies that are under threat across large parts of East Africa, a UN Environment report urged today. »
19 Oct, 20:40 - UN -  - 

Where is climate change in the Trump v Clinton presidential debates?

While we rake over Clinton’s emails and Trump’s late-night tweets, climate has been the elephant in the room, leaving scientists and campaigners asking why there hasn’t been a single direct question about the crisis. Climate change has been the elephant in the room during the past two US presidential debates. »
19 Oct, 17:00 - guardian -  - 

Shipping 'progressives' call for industry carbon emission cuts

Some of the world’s biggest shipping groups say ‘ambitious’ action is needed at a key UN meeting to bring the industry in line with Paris climate goals. Many of the world’s biggest shipowners and charterers have called on heads of state to take swift action to force carbon emission cuts on their industry which is the only sector in the world not now bound by climate change targets. »
19 Oct, 07:30 - guardian -  - 

Canadian carbon price worries farmers, fertilizer makers

Canada's carbon price may weaken the farm sector in one of the world's biggest grain-shipping countries, raising farmers' costs and discouraging investment in fertilizer production, industry groups say. »
18 Oct, 20:20 - reuters -  - 

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