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This week in climate news (25 September 2016)

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25 Sep, 18:03 - climatiq -  - 

At UN, Tonga shares experiences on preserving marine diversity, tackling non-communicable diseases

As the United Nations General Assembly continued its annual high-level debate today, Samiuela ‘Akilisi Pohiva, the Prime Minister of Tonga, continued his country’s strong advocacy for the conservation and sustainable use of the world’s oceans and their natural resources. »
25 Sep, 04:40 - UN -  - 

At UN, Kyrgyz Minster cites ‘tangible blows’ to country’s economy due to climate change

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly today, Erlan Abdyldavev, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, expressed support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which contain a number of targets that are priorities for his country, including poverty reduction, high-quality education, health care, economic growth and environmental protection. »
25 Sep, 04:40 - UN -  - 

Five ways the circular economy can help mitigate climate change

Current climate solutions can deliver only part of the reductions needed to limit worldwide temperature rises to no more than 1.5C. Here are five ways the implementation of the circular economy can help close the gap. The 2015 Paris Agreement united 186 countries behind a commitment to limit the rise of the earth’s average temperature to no more than 1.5C. »
23 Sep, 20:20 - guardian -  - 

Poland says has begun ratification of Paris climate deal

Poland's president will sign off on the Paris climate deal to curb global warming within days, the country's environment minister said on Friday, boosting an EU push for its adoption ahead of U.N. climate talks in November. »
23 Sep, 18:40 - reuters -  - 

How climate science deniers can accept so many 'impossible things' all at once | Graham Readfern

New research claims psychological traits could help explain why climate science deniers often make contradictory arguments. Sometimes, climate science deniers will tell you that we can’t predict global temperatures in the future. Sometimes, they’ll say we’re heading for an ice age. Occasionally, contrarians will say that no single weather event can prove human-caused global warming. »
23 Sep, 04:30 - guardian -  - 

Soil carbon storage not the climate change fix it was thought, research finds

Soil’s potential to soak up planet-warning carbon dioxide has been overestimated by as much as 40%, say scientists. Hopes that large amounts of planet-warming carbon dioxide could be buried in soils appear to be grossly misplaced, with new research finding that the ground will soak up far less carbon over the coming century than previously thought. »
23 Sep, 01:20 - guardian -  - 

Not Done Yet: Climate Pact Is Only Halfway

More than the needed 55 countries have ratified the Paris agreement, but they don't represent the required 55 percent of emissions -- Read more on »
22 Sep, 23:30 - scientificamerican -  - 

To coldly go

THE world’s most lauded environmental treaty could be about to notch up a new success. In 1974 scientists discovered that chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), chemicals used in refrigeration and as propellants in products such as hairsprays, release chlorine into the stratosphere as they decompose. This depletes the ozone that protects Earth from ultraviolet radiation. »
22 Sep, 20:00 - economist -  - 

Climate change could cross key threshold in a decade: scientists

OXFORD, England (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The planet could pass a key target on world temperature rise in about a decade, prompting accelerating loss of glaciers, steep declines in water availability, worsening land conflicts and deepening poverty, scientists said this week. »
22 Sep, 17:20 - reuters -  - 

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